Marisa & Maribel Plasencia, twins born in Laredo, Texas, are interested in using performance to investigate conceptions of identity, sociopolitical structures, and emotions/events that occur in daily, routine experiences. Their work seeks to explore/stretch/question the threshold that connects these realms and is also heavily influenced by the fact that they currently live on opposite ends of the country [Marisa: bottom left corner of U.S.; Maribel: top right corner of U.S.].

Marisa & Maribel are both currently in graduate school (Marisa pursuing a PhD in Theatre and Maribel pursuing a PhD in Psychology). Marisa & Maribel draw upon interdisciplinary studies to create work that remains informed and open to ideas from a variety of fields.  

People often describe the twins as quiet individuals. To some extent, this is true. We would much rather move. 

Contact: marisa.maribel.plasencia@gmail.com